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Chat Rules
« on: 18 December, 2015, 06:25:08 PM »
    The chat is moderated reactively and not proactively, it is not a job and we don't get paid, we are all volunteers. By reporting issues you
help us immensely and it means we don't have to watch the chat 24/7 (it can get quite busy).

Admins/Mods PoC:
  • Try to be a good person!
  • Don't deliberately make things uncomfortable for others in the chat.
  • Likewise, if someone on the chat is making things uncomfortable for you, please let the admins know. Contact us by using @name or direct message (links above).
  • Respect each other even during controversial, passionate or emotional discussions or if they hold opinions you strongly disagree with. We are not here to hold your hand, babysit or fight your battles, please take all personal vendettas to PM.
Posting Etiquette

The chats are PG-13 meaning you must be at least 13 years old to join (meetups however are still 16+). The odd curse is fine. Posting lewd photos is not! Sexual chat or roleplay is not allowed, please take this to PM. We want to be as inclusive as possible, please be considerate and mindful of content being suitable for young adults of 13+ years, some of which may have very strict parents.

We allow pictures to be posted in the chats. Please be aware of content of these photos, and where people may be viewing them from such as work or school, many users use phones and mobile internet. Telegram gives you the option to disable automatic downloaded of photos and we recommend this, as we cannot check every photo that gets posted instantly.

Posting Content Rules
  • No posting of NSFW material, including nudity, profile pictures or sexually suggestive content of any form.
  • Nothing that would be considered adult themed or 18+.
  • Overt discussions of blatantly NSFW topics.
  • No photos or discussions related to fetish gear is permitted (see below).
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia or otherwise overtly offensive behaviour.
  • Threats of physical violence towards other members, either in group chats or in personal PMs will not be tolerated, evidence of such acts may result in a permanent ban.
  • Spam (constant repetition of words, stickers, gifs or images) greater than 4 instances posted by the same individual over a short period of time.
  • Would your great grandma approve?
Content Caveats & Clarifications:
  • Posting and discussing sexual health issues is okay (condoms, lube, pills... etc.). We believe educating our members on issues that affect young people today in relation to sexual health is important that unfortunately the school system does not cover extensively.
  • Debating about the politics in relation to racism, sexism, homophobia or offensive behaviour is okay but please be careful not to sound offensive, when in doubt take it to PM.
  • Display of any sign, symbol or media that is commonly associated with any organisation, party, religious or political ideology likely to offend others is not permitted.
  • While the fandom is mostly sex and body positive, fetish gear content is not permitted. This includes items associated with inflation, age-play, pet-play, bondage or sadomasochism. Exceptions include tasteful fashion accessories or accessories used in an innocent context in relation to furry such as: collars without a leash, leather wristbands and harnesses on fursuits.
  • Posting content involving underwear, or characters wearing underwear, with or without fur/skin showing is considered nudity, as underwear should be underneath a layer of clothing. Diapers are also classed as a form of underwear.
  • In regards to baby or toddler characters, if the character is not linked or considered to be any individual persons character then it is allowed (e.g. characters from media). If the character is associated or ownership lies with a particular individual person, then it is considered to be a form of age-play.
  • The chat is for finding, meeting and chatting with local furs and discussions related to the furry fandom. If you want to discuss other topics in-dept not related to the furry fandom consider making your own group chat or taking discussions to PM.
  • If the rules seem very strict, there is also a 18+ group chat that is invite-only for more lenient discussions, please ask a mod/admin for an invite and be able to verify your age.
The last word for what happens and how these rules are interpreted is solely up to the mod/admin.

Banning and Kicking

If you break any of the above rules, in minor cases we run a 3 strike rule. Each strike will stay in place for 30 days. Admins keep notes of these warnings.

If you get to your 3rd strike you will be removed and not allowed to be re-added for:
  • 7 days - On first offence.
  • 14 days - On second offence.
  • Banned - On subsequent offences
In the opinion of the admins and mods you do something so heinous, that they believe that you should jump straight to a 3rd strike, it will be put down to the decision of the admin as to the length of ban. Until an admin can be reached to make this decision, you will not be allowed to be re-added.

Intentionally breaking the same rule multiple times may lead to an immediate ban without warnings.


If you have any questions, clarifications, suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to contact us through Telegram.

The rules are generally to make sure everyone has a good time. So I hope you all have a good time and be excellent to each other!

....thats not frosting....


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