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New Furrie on Board
« on: 27 August, 2019, 04:50:49 PM »

My name is Critical Hit! I am from Northern Ireland, and I am a Furrie and a Brony (a big fan of MLP:FIM). I am currently an Oral English teacher working in Southern China and have been working within China for 7 years, but I like to go home for the Summer and Spring break to see my family and my remaining friends there (I made most of my friends around the area I work but I've also made some friends from Switzerland since I first attended the Galacon convention in Germany back in 2017). I also like to travel a bit around England mainly to attend concerts and festivals.

I'm really into Metal music, a Bloodstock regular, I love bands such as Parkway Drive, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death and Killswitch Engage (these are just samples of my musical interests). And although I wouldn't consider myself a guitarist, I do like to play about with my electric guitars.

I also really like video games, especially retro games but I have gotten into the Nintendo Switch recently and have built a collection of games since my childhood. I love Smash bros, even though I suck a little bit at it and I do like to build my very own joysticks out of pizza boxes.

I've been meaning to join this website for a while now and I hope to expand my interests with others and it would be awesome to find new friends within this community.

Thank you
Critical Hit!