Author Topic: Picnic in the Park Dublin Furmeet - Saturday 23rd June 2018  (Read 1366 times)

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Heyo furs,

We are going to "attempt" to have a summer outdoors meet at St Stephen's Green at 2pm, weather permitting. The best location for everyone to meet would be at the shopping centre / Fusilier's Arch corner.

Folks are encouraged to bring fursuits/ears/tails if you have them to get some nice group photos, also bring snacks and drinks! We will maybe go for proper food followed by pints after at around 5-6pm, venue tbd.

Backup plan is the nearby Starbucks.

Travel: Fusilier's Arch, 2 St Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland
Cost: Free
Fursuit Policy: Yes
Pets: Yes
Point of Contact: @GerMANshep

Cya there!